LAYVA is a kindling band project from the field of urban pop music.

Sensual and mystical melodies united in danceable beats are unfolding into epic widths. Expressive lyrics combine with the harmonic vocal colours of the singers Bella & Gina. Scratchy soul meets mellow clarity and together they form an austere contrast within captivating harmony.

When the two solo artists met in 2009 they instantly knew: They are tuned to the same wavelength – as friends and as singers. Since then the singers’ love for music has been seething and in 2016 the musical passion of the duo was finally re-ignited. After two more years of hard work LAYVA are finally ready to break out and now want to liberate their artistic selves with their very own songs.



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Bella Lampert & Gina Makurat (Singer/Songwriting)

The Staticfield (Producer/Mastering)

Martha Potempa (Vocal Coach/Songwriting)


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